Tai Chi, Qigong,
Bootcamp & Outdoor Training

Special Interests

Low-Impact Exercises, Tai Chi & QiGong



I am a fully qualified personal trainer based in Formby. I have a passion for fitness and helping people be fit, healthy and active for life.

I am particularly interested in low impact exercises that go easy on our bones and joints but that can still provide strength, stretch, tone and flexibility to our bodies. That’s why I love practising and teaching Tai Chi and Qigong.

Daphne Richardson


Having attended dance classes as a child and continued dance training through my 20s, keeping fit and having a healthy lifestyle have been important to me from a very early age. Throughout my life you’d often find me at some sort of workout or fitness class!

Originally a Qualified Accountant, I’ve worked in Finance for many years. Since having kids, I’ve juggled this career around being a busy mum of 2 and tried to fit in exercise whenever I can! But it’s not always given me the results I wanted. So I know how it feels, how frustrating it can be and how lack of results or lack of motivation can lead to giving up on fitness.

I’ve found the key to my own fitness breakthrough was finding a type of exercise that I really enjoy, giving it 100% effort every time and deciding to really make fitness part of my life, forever!

Now being over 40, I see how fitness plays a big role in being able to enjoy a full and active lifestyle now, and in future years.

For me, it isn’t just about body shape! Fitness is a regular part of my life and I love it!



So, my fitness journey continued, and with lots of encouragement and support, I decided to retrain and study for my professional fitness qualifications.

I’m a fully qualified :

  • Active IQ Level 3  Personal Trainer
  • Active IQ Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Certified QiGong for Health Teacher
  • Certified Tai Chi Fit Instructor
  • TCHI Qualified Tai Chi for Arthritis & Falls Prevention Instructor
  • TCHI Qualified Tai Chi for Energy 1 & 2 Instructor
  • TCHI Qualified Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Instructor

I’m continuing my fitness studies with various CPD qualifications and in particular working towards taking further Instructor Training for both QiGong and Tai Chi.

I’ve set up Freshfield Fitness so that I can teach local exercise classes, provide health and fitness information and encourage you to start on your own fitness journey.

I’m lucky enough to have experienced the achievements, friendship, mental wellbeing and the positive impact exercise can have on your own life. I’d love to help you experience the same and look forward to having the opportunity to help you make a positive change to your own health and fitness.



My dance training has made me very interested in performing exercise with the correct form and good technique. And limited time means I like to work smart! So if I’m spending my time exercising then my motto is do it right and give it everything!

With age I’ve also developed a particular interest in Low-Impact exercises that go easy on our bones and joints, but that can still provide strength, stretch, tone and flexibility to our bodies.

It’s so important to keep active and stay strong as we get older. That’s why I’m continuing my training in QiGong and Tai Chi, both of which are gentle, slow and simple forms of exercise that deliver many benefits to our health, fitness and general wellbeing.

Practising Tai Chi and QiGong on a regular basis has had a big impact on my own life due to its calm, peaceful and mindful style. Life is often stressful and it is important that we find an effective way to look after and nurture our mental wellbeing. I have found that this exercise class is a very good form of relaxation which revives and refreshes my mind, body and soul. It is often known as moving meditation.