is a great way to stay fit, active and make exercise part of your regular routine. We use the gentle, low-impact movements of Tai Chi & QiGong as exercise which deliver great benefits to your health, fitness and wellbeing. Every TAI CHI ACTIVE CLASS is planned to ‘Move your Body and Soothe your Mind’.


Every TAI CHI CLASS starts with a gentle warm up. We work through standard TAI CHI Stances and Arm Movements using them to improve our strength, balance and flexibility. I always provide modifications to make a move easier or progressions to build more challenge to a movement. We also incorporate QIGONG exercises for relaxation and cool down.

During my classes we will learn different Tai Chi Forms including TAI CHI ACTIVE forms, traditional Yang and Sun Style, TCHI Tai Chi for Health programs as well as our very own Tai Chi QiGong Fusion Flows.

Classes are suitable for anyone, any age and any fitness level. It does not matter if you are an absolute beginner or an experienced practitioner, you will be able to join in and follow along any of my classes at Freshfield Fitness.

An excellent way to learn Tai Chi together.


They’re also a great way of meeting new people and always sociable, friendly and fun! They are held throughout the week at various locations throughout Formby and Southport.

CLICK HERE to head over to our Booking Site to view our current class timetable, locations and pricing. 


Learn on your own, in your own home, at your own pace.


ONLINE CLASSES are designed for those who can not attend one of the locations or who prefer to exercise in the comfort of their own home.

I teach ‘LIVE’ interactive Zoom classes or have pre-recorded sessions that you can access via an online link and follow at your own pace. For more information click here 


Design your own Tai Chi Class.


Can be planned to meet your specific requirements and fit in with your lifestyle. Whilst our Group Classes are friendly and welcoming, you may prefer to have an individual session or practise with friends. These can be on a one-to-one or small group basis. Get in touch by emailing me daf@freshfieldfitness.co.uk to discuss your needs.


If you are interested in reading more about Tai Chi, QiGong and the many BENEFITS they can deliver to both our physical and mental health and well-being then click here

The TCHI – TAI CHI FOR HEALTH INSTITUTE is a world wide organisation with a growing number of professionally trained Tai Chi for Health Instructors. Their programs have a proven track record of being beneficial to our health, especially as we age. To read more about their work  click here