Mindful Movements that deliver many health and fitness benefits to our Mind, Body and Soul

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is actually a Chinese Martial Art and as such each movement has a combat or fighting application, however nowadays it is practised for its health and wellbeing benefits.

It originated from China many thousands of years ago and is, today, practised all over the World. Tai Chi is well known for its slow, gentle, flowing moves and deep breathing techniques. There are many different Tai Chi styles and interpretations, some traditional and some much more modern.

What does it entail?

Tai Chi is a low impact exercise and whilst seems easy and effortless, can be very detailed and intricate to study. It combines graceful manoeuvres, that focus on good posture, technique and breathing.

Tai Chi has a vast number of separate movements with unusual names such as White Crane Spreads Its Wings, Stroking the Horses Mane, Cloud Hands or Repulse the Monkey. These movements are combined into a sequence of steps called a Tai Chi Form, which looks like a graceful dance performed in slow motion.

Why is it good for you?

There are many positive benefits from practising Tai Chi including improvements in strength, less joint pain and stiffness, improved balance and mobility, enhanced range of motion, reduced risk of falls, better reaction times, better coordination, lower stress, mindfulness, reduction in anxiety, improved mental wellbeing and mood, relaxation and an increase in mind/body connection and body awareness.

It’s suitable for anyone, any age, any fitness level – if you haven’t yet – you must give it a try!

What can I expect to do at a Tai Chi class?

Class Structure and Benefits

A Tai Chi class will teach you how to perform a Tai Chi Form but it will also include strength, balance and flexibility exercises, as well as QiGong exercises for relaxation. It will start with a warm up and finish with a cool down stretch.

I teach different Tai Chi forms throughout the year so, as long as there is a space, you can join a class anytime. The Tai Chi Forms I have taught so far include Yang, Sun Style and TCHI Tai Chi for Health programs.

Although studies are limited, Tai Chi is celebrated around the World as having a vast number of health and fitness benefits including improving:


It works all major muscle groups within the body especially the arm and leg muscles, developing strength, power and endurance.


Postures and stances teach good body alignment, effective weight distribution and weight transfer helping to improve balance and movement in everyday life.


Its sequences use the arms and legs in partnership. It requires concentration and focus to perform each Tai Chi form.


Any physical activity will lead to enhanced respiratory and circulation in the body. Although low impact, Tai Chi movements still deliver cardiovascular benefits.


Any group activity provides an opportunity for social connection and interaction. Tai Chi also develops a mindfulness and mind-body connection. This brings with it a sense of calm and peace to the practitioner that can lead to reducing stress, better coping with life and creating a positive outlook