Tai Chi & QiGong Sessions to achieve your individual goals.

Whilst all my Group Classes are friendly and welcoming, you may prefer to have an individual session
or practise in a small group of friends.

One-to-One or Small Group Tai Chi & QiGong classes can be organised to fit in with your lifestyle. Regular or one-off, these sessions can provide a more personalised Tai Chi & QiGong experience, and are especially effective if you are looking to incorporate guided relaxation, mindfulness and moving meditation into your busy schedule.

Have a think about what aims and goals you feel Tai Chi & QiGong could help you achieve and let’s get a session organised.

Email me at to discuss your individual requirements, timescales and obtain a quotation.

Set your goal,
Achieve your goal

Working together we can design a personalised Tai Chi & QiGong programme to meet your target, for a happier, healthier you.

Tai Chi Basics

Working together we can cover all the Tai Chi basic stances, steps and arm movements to improve your confidence with the basics and enable you to progress onto learning a Tai Chi Form.

Tai Chi Form

We can learn a Tai Chi Form together, in a step by step format, ensuring that you as an individual progress at a pace that suits your needs.

Deeper Tai Chi Practice

We can explore the Tai Chi Principles which will enhance your practice, develop a deeper mind-body connection and improve the benefits you gain from your Tai Chi.


As a holistic health programme, QiGong is an effective way to improve your health and well-being through an individualised set of Qigong exercises.


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